Janie increased real estate commissions by 400% in the first 6 months, established effective sales retooling

Janie Howard is the go-to real estate agent in Colorado. Our strategic collaboration played a key role in redefining Janie’s sales processes, leveraging advanced CRM systems to streamline the sales journey, from lead capture to guiding clients through the sales funnel.

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The Challenge

Janie’s primary objective was to build a robust online presence and implement an efficient sales process, designed to generate a consistent flow of leads and effectively guide them through her sales funnel. At the outset of our collaboration, she lacked a dedicated website and online lead generation strategies, relying primarily on referrals as her main source of business. Furthermore, her existing sales process was underdeveloped, and it heavily relied on outdated technology, failing to leverage the advanced tools and systems available for streamlined and more effective lead management. The complexity of her challenge was compounded by the need to distribute leads not only to herself but also to other agents within her brokerage. This multifaceted problem demanded a comprehensive transformation to facilitate business growth, establish a strong online presence, optimize the sales journey, and efficiently distribute leads among her team.

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The Solution

In response, we helped Janie implement a multifaceted solution, first by helping her niche down her market to military movers in and out of the city. To improve lead generation, we devised a granular Google Ads and CRO strategy in tandem with dedicated landing pages, crafted a military mover-focused website, and integrated an online IDX for additional lead opportunities. Furthermore, we established a comprehensive sales process utilizing LionDesk CRM, optimizing lead distribution and nurturing. Recognizing the need for strong communication with out-of-state leads, which made up over 90% of all leads Janie received, we employed virtual home tours using online streaming services.

Business type

Real estate brokerage serving the Colorado Springs and surrounding area

Downstream technology benefits

Improved sales processes, better lead management intra-brokerage, increased sales and commissions

Unicorn success marker

13.5x profits in first 6 months, 716% ROI on new technology investments

The Results

Our collaboration with Janie Howard brought about transformative results in lead management and distribution, fostering improved client interactions and an increase in international sales. Through the integration of streamlined processes, virtual home tours via online streaming services, and an optimized lead distribution system, we witnessed a remarkable improvement in Janie's ability to close out-of-state leads. A noteworthy success story emerged when a lead located in Germany secured a home in Colorado Springs valued at $740,000 while still residing in Germany, a testament to the effectiveness of the strategies implemented. The Google Ads strategy, tailored to Janie's niche market, played a pivotal role in consistently generating a high-quality lead influx. These leads were efficiently captured and prequalified through dedicated landing pages and other lead capture mechanisms, ensuring that only the most promising prospects progressed through the sales process, leading to improved lead quality and conversion rates. This collaborative effort not only established better lead management and distribution but also facilitated impactful business growth for Janie, bolstered by strong client-agent relationships and a reputation for exceptional service.

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